Feeding Laura M.

If you know that to expect from the child during food since the first drinks of milk and finishing family already number and how to solve arising from time to time to a probla we, to you will be to minimize more quietly and more simply battles Izz of food.

We offer the plan of action for today and councils on the future.

Feeding by a breast After the birth all feelings of the baby are connected with materin sky breast.

Not incidentally the kid is capable to see clearly on distance of cm after all this distance from the face a mat ri to her breast.

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In the wood

In the wood Together to us will be warmer, I will fall the hedgehog is small and poked out a nose izpod the firtree.

In the wood there was a dark night and stormed not weather.

Overcoming fear, the hedgehog rushed off to to the neighbor.

As it is good that you came!

that exclaimed.

I already wanted to run to you.

Let's try nestle the friend to Wad Dra gu as hares, also we will be covered with leaflets.

Perhaps to us will be warmer.

And hedgehogs tried to embrace.

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If he the monk

If he the monk Also studied well that our reputation, God forbid, did not suffer.

Also was not fond of any there spiritual practicians.

If he the monk wants to become God forbid.

They have a principle: the rebeknok has to be full, study at good school, go to section of karate or aikido for maintenance of health, to visit more circles that it developed intelklektualno as soon as it started going to a pot.

And all the rest what for?

Why to nurse the kid?

It is necessary to use the hightech benefits of a civilization, that is it is simple to give dairy mix.

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This subject

This subject That is the person is released even more embittered on society, even more qualified to take a revenge, or to become completely destroyed as the personality and hardly capable to function in society as useful unit.

This subject is not absolutely connected with education of children, but it is necessary to mention it to disprove the principle of punishment, idea that we consider themselves rather qualified, authorized to define that measure of punishment which the child is worthy.

The famous Indian wise man Chanakya Pandit to which works many generations of the people who are looking for meaning of life in this respect addressed gave a certain scheme, a certain schedule of application of punishments.

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He was not ready

He was not ready He took its some personal belongings and threw out from the house.

Later, of course, the husband repented and wanted that it returned.

He loved it, there was quite strong attachment, but it is very probable that the problem that it was difficult for this man to have adult relations priksutstvovat.

He was not ready to it as did not consider himself guilty, though repented.

That is, he worried because occurred and occurred, nevertheless, could not consider himself rather guilty of these relations.

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